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microSOM uS05 Intel FPGA now support new Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) mechanisms.

Devices using this product have successfully completed interoperability tests in the renowned Industrial Internet Consortium TSN testbed.



After being deeply involved in the specification of the IEEE TSN standards, Exor is now leading the way in bringing TSN
products to market. Edge IP Solution provides TSN switched endpoint functionality for FPGA based devices. Designed for quick and easy FPGA integration, the product is ideal for innovative switch, Controller, PLC or IPC vendors.
microSOM uS05 now supports the IEEE 802.1Qbv, IEEE 802.1AS, IEEE 802.1Qcc and IEEE 802.1Qbu standards. The package also provides all of the requisite Linux-based software drivers and stacks. The supported TSN mechanisms enable time-synchronization across devices in the network and allow for scheduled forwarding of messages or preemption of large packets at egress.

  • The microSOM is soldered directly into the main carrier board without the use of expensive connectors that will reduce reliability of the system.
  • With only 46x35x4 mm in height microSOM allows you to design products extremely compact and ultra-slim.
  • The microSOM requires a single supply of 3.3 V with low power consumption (Max 0,9 Amp 110K LE)
    It provides the ultimate combination of hardened intellectual property (IP) for performance and power savings, but with the great flexibility assured by FPGA, that, together with a rich library of IP cores allows to configure different products.
  • A Powerfull Video Controller and OpenHMI software enable to design a User-friendly and high quality vectorial graphic (SVG) rich-graphical GUI and assure a device connectivity with suite of +200 communication protocols.
  • Optional IEC 61131-3 CODESYS 3.x for Control I/O and Motion control.
  • Linux RTOS solution (OSADL)
  • 3 Ports TSN Ethernet Switch support for the IEEE 802.1Qbv, IEEE 802.1AS, IEEE 802.1Qcc and IEEE 802.1Qbu standards
  • Linux-based software drivers and stacks. IEEE standard 1588 support


Key features

  • Basic Component of the X Platform
  • Guaranteed Minimum 10 year Product Life Cycle
  • Reduced Time to Market for Customized Products
  • Backed by a partner that can cover the design and supply chain
  • Essential Basic Component of IIoT Implementation
  • Powerful IIoT engine across all “Industrie 4.0” levels
  • OPC UA pub/sub over TSN, MQTT and AMQT
  • IIoT Gateway and Logic control
  • Vast Protocol Library
  • At the Edge Analytics
  • Fog Node Compatibility
  • Optional CODESYS v3
  • Distributed micro-Server
  • Quad Core ARM
  • Linux BSP rt (OSADL) or Android BSP

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Technical Data

Tech Data
Dimensions46x35 mm
Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
CPUIntel 5CSEBA6 Dual ARM Cortex - A9 925 MHz, Integrated with FPGA 110 KLE
DDR1 Gbyte DDR3
Flash Disk / QSPI4 GByte eMMC / 256 Mbits
Watchdog/RTC/Voltage monitor/JTAGYes
USB2 (Host V2.0) or 1 (OTG)
Ethernet4 (RGMII 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet MAC)
TSN 3 Ports Ethernet TSN Switch (RGMII)
Serial Port3
Video1 (Video Out Controller 16 Bit)
Analog Input5
GPIOSeveral GPIO available depending of FPGA configuration, 2 LVDS I/O with 5 lanes each
Software configurable. Not all selections can be combined


Ordering Information

Part Number and Description
+US05-0001Cyclone V SoC - 110 KLE - 1GB DDR3 - 4 GB Flash Disk - TSN Support - Operat. Temp. -40 to +85°C
+US05-0002Cyclone V SoC - 110 KLE - 1GB DDR3 - 4 GB Flash Disk - Operat. Temp. -40 to +85°C
+EE16EK-0008microSOM uS05 Development Kit


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